Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Longest Night of My Life

May 9 (3rd day of radiation), Nick Typing.....

After my radiation at 11 I headed back home to take a quick shower and then I ran over to see Jammi and give her a copy of "The Secret". I love talking with her and felt bad for her since she was tending like 8 kids in her house. After that I headed home for good because the doctors had taken blood work today and told me my white blood count was real low so I needed to stay away from people and dissease. I believe my white blood count was at a 1 while it was at a 9 two days ago.
I told Rob, Trent, and Shawn that if they were healthy they should come up to my house and watch the Jazz game with me and we would order some pizza. Rob came over around 4 and we just messed around but Shawn, Trent and Haylee didnt show up till game time which was about 7.
At about 6 p.m. I started to feel some bone pains in my hips and back area, where I had recieved my bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap. It wasn't too much pain and I knew my counts were low so I didnt pay much mind to it. Later, as the night and game went by I started to have more pain and it started to move down my legs to the point where I could barely sit still without rolling in pain. We called the hospital and asked some questions about it...... they recomended just taking 2 lorotabs on top of the 3 tylenol I had already taken since the pain I felt I was having was a 7 out of a 10 to me. So I continued to watch the GREAT jazz game with my guys, but it wasn't too much fun for I could barely keep track of what was happening on tv.
When the game went into overtime I had finally had enough pain..... I now considered myself to be experiencing the worst pain that I have ever felt, (yes even worse than the bone marrow biopsy) so I called my mom and told her that we needed to go to the hospital because the pain was now in my lower back, hips, and all the bones in my legs just ached. I was a little embarrased because I had to have my buddies help me get up and walk to my moms car. I think it was the first time either of them had seen tears in my eyes and I knew they really cared. I couldn't ask for better friends.
My mom then flew to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, where I was checked in for the night at about 10. What sucked is I had to be given a doctors exam, some x-rays, and then a lot of waiting before they could even attempt to give me something to take away the pain. They tried giving me morphine at first but that didnt make any of the pain go away. I dont think they got any of the pain to leave until 2:30 in the morning. It honestly was the longest night I have ever gone through, and I would do a bone marrow biopsy any day over those 7 to 8 hours of pain I had. I told my nurse Mary (who is my coolest nurse) that she should talk the doctors into just knocking me out so I could at least get some sleep. That didnt work out.
The doctors are pretty sure that I am experiencing the pain because of a shot I received 4 days ago which was supposed to help with my recovery in my blood count and stuff becuase of the chemo I had. I guess like 35% of people who take this $6,000 shot have some bone pain after, but they dont know why it was so sudden and bad.
Its now the 10th and I am writing this blog, I still have the pains in my hips and legs but they finally got some pain fluids that take some of the pain away. Compared to what it was last night I am fine with feeling a little all the time. I have to go do some radiation here soon at 10 a.m. which is just two floors down from my room, but I dont know if I will have to stay another night in the hospital or not. Hopefully not but if my pain continues, I will have to stay again and just continue with more pain killers and try to find out whats going on.



Deanna Hadley said...

Morning Nick,

I am so sorry to hear that you had such a rough night, and that you had to miss the end of the Jazz game, but you can be assured that the Jazz, just like you, played to win. They fought hard and finished the game successfully. And you will too! I would like to relay a story to you about two of my very close friends. They both were diagnosed with breast cancer right after I moved back here from Calif 24 months ago. Both went through chemo & radiation, and both are now cancer-free. In fact, I had lunch with one of these ladies last Friday. Its been approximately 19ish months since she was diagnosed, and she has now been cancer-free for several months. She looks great & she says she feels fantastic. She's back to playing tennis and doing the things she used to with no setbacks. Her hair is back almost the same length as it was before, except now she has dyed it a funky blonde color..she looked so cute! She told me her story and, probably like you last night, she said the worst of her pain was only for a few days after chemo was finished and had started radiation, but that continuing the radiation was simple, just boring. So hang in there! You are tough and you will beat this and be back to your usual self soon. Your Mom is a wonderful, loving mother who loves you to the inth degree. She will make sure you have the best of care with the greatest comforts she can manage. I'm sure your smiling face will be her greatest Mother's Day gift to her. We are continually thinking of you and praying for your speedy recovery. Love you..Deanna, Tom and Steph

Anonymous said...

I too have tears running down my cheeks after reading about how much pain you have been in. I am sorry that you are going through this on top of everything else. I will pray hard all day that they will find out what the pain is from, be able to relieve it and that you can get some good pain-free sleep today. You are one tough young-man!! Hang in there... Love, Beci :)

Sandra said...

Hi Nick,

My name is Sandra Thompson, and I work in coach support at The Strategic
Coach in Toronto. Lee is one of the coaches I do my best to "keep on the
rails." Ha,ha. Like that is ever going to happen. Seriously, though, we
all love him, and everyone at Strategic Coach here in Toronto and in
Chicago wants you, your family, and, of course, Lee, to know that all of
us are thinking about you and praying for you. In our company, we are
very, very big on positivity, and from reading your blog, we know that you
are a true champion in that department. Your wonderful spirit practically
leaps off the screen and into our hearts. It sounds like you had a pretty long night last night but you still found something that made you thankful. Long live your Mohawk!

In reading your blog (the Jazz, the Friday "dice" all-nighters! Build-a-Bear! yummy
Indian food!) and the heartfelt comments that your many friends and family
members have added, it's easy to see what a strong support team you have
around you. It must feel great not to be the only defenceman alone in your
own zone trying to ward off an attacker from the opposing team -- but,
instead, to have your fellow teammates at your side and the best goalie in
the league behind you. They always say that you get back what you give,
and it's clear, Nick, that you've given a lot to a lot of people.

Thank you for starting this blog and posting so regularly. Because we love
Lee, and you are an important part of his life, we now have a bond with
you. So knowing how you are, and about your progress, is important to us.
Please know that our thoughts and prayers for your good health and
well-being are with you and your family.

Love and "good vibes" to you from everyone at The Strategic Coach.

Nicelle said...

Wow...what a battle..
You are the strongest man I know. I bet your '7' is my '77' on a 1 to 10 pain scale. I love you and (somehow) know things will be better soon.

Hope good dreams find you tonight :)

Chris Ulvin said...

Nick My Man
Thank you, thank you for writing this latest blog. It was hard for me to read because I felt your pain. I'm glad I read it because your encouraging writing style made me feel great about your friends, caregivers, family and YOU! What a TREASURE you are! I have to share with you how I came to this conclusion. Last Christmas Det gave me a devotional calendar for my work desk. The bible passage referenced on Thursday - 10 May, 2007 was Matthew 6:20-21. I'll let you look it up but I'll explain why I thought of you when I read it. One of the many treasures you have stored up is from last summer when you went to the Delta with us. You called your dad and invited him to join us. Amazingly, he agreed to fly to Sacramento, sleep in a tent and let you boys pull him behind a competition ski boat on a tube. Nick, an invitation comes from love. You exemplify love through your invitation to your dad for a week of skiing, by inviting your friends for pizza and a Jazz game, and by inviting all of us into your life through this blogspot. Our hearts are with you because you are a treasure. Love, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Aunt Chris

Pat said...

Hey Nick:
I am a friend of Lee's and your Mom. I wanted to add a short recommendation for your consideration. Please check into
This clinic is amazing. Pat Burns

Chris Ulvin said...

Hello Nick,
My mother's heart wanted to be reminded of our heavenly Father's love and grace so I'm visiting your past. Today, Mother's Day 2010,three years after this post, the Jazz are still in the playoffs. Your dad will be the one experiencing "The Longest Day of His Life" if he is successful in completing the upcoming May 15, 2010 Ogden Marathon. Your friends are now known as Nick's Wacky Warriors. This upcoming summer, you will be fighting cancer as a camp counselor - not as a patient.
Please join me in prayer - giving God praise and thanks for the "Life" He has given you. May it be "Longest". God's blessings on your mother too. Today is a Happy Mother's Day for Lori.
Love, aunt Chris